Rikki Ducornet

Sunday, May 8th, Time/Location TBA: Workshop

Monday, May 9th at 7 pm: Reading with Katie Farris in SDSU’s Love Library, Room 430

As a child, Rikki was “infected with the venom of language.” As she grew older, she came to believe in language as magic.

A cosmopolitan and intellectual artist, Rikki has lived in North Africa, South America, France, and Canada. Her childhood heroes were Leeuwenhoek and Lewis Carroll, and her ambition, never realized, was to paint the museum scenery behind walruses and saber-tooth tigers.

Her early childhood was spent on the campus of Bard college, where her father was a professor. At Bard she majored in fine arts and minored in medieval studies. Her first novel was written in a small village in France and was entitled, The Stain (1984). It was later followed by Entering Fire (1986), The Fountains of Neptune (1992), Phosphor in Dreamland (1995), The Jade Cabinet (1998) which was finalist for the National Book Critics Award, and most recently, The Word “Desire.” In 1998, she was awarded a Lannon Literary Fellowship.

To put it quite simply, Rikki Ducornet is a being unchained, transcendent as a mythical angel.

She is currently a novelist in residence at the University of Denver.


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